After The Rain We Are OK


Audioguide devices, headphones, 50x70 cm pictures
2 - 30 min.

After The Rain We Are OK is an audio installation with the shape of a photography exhibition. It is made of a series of pictures taken in different places where the artist has been, which the audience will look at, while using an audio-tour player. What the public will find in the device is not an explicit reference to the image, but a number of personal questions that will lead to different sound tracks depending on the answers. Tracks that relates not only to the pictures but to the whole exhibition space. The nature of the sounds makes up an individual experience with a strong sense of intimacy, revolving around the idea that every potrait is a self-portrait.

Audio samples at request.

Curated by Manuela Pedrón Nicolau and Jaime González Cela
With the collaboration of Saray Ossorio and Pieter-Jan Verheyen and the voice of Luis Amália.
Installation view photos by Marta Huertas