To Go Twice 

2020 -  2021

Photography/Photographic Installation

To Go Twice is an artistic research in the realm of large-size photographic installation. It combines analog and digital pictures made by the artist, with some other images found in diverse circumstances, such as flea markets or personal archives from other people.

The project revolves around such issues as which scales constitute a place in our perception, how images build our memories and how these processes are shared. This is conducted by aligning images that, despite their different origin, resonate together in such aspects as compositions, colors, elements and themes

Project granted with:
  Residence at Statens Værksteder for Kunst - Photographic Studio
  Selección de cien proyectos de investigación y creación artística - Canary   Islands Government production grant 

Exhibited at
Fotografisk Center (On The Go Platform) - November 2021