Light Documentaries


Video/light Installation at Copenhagen Light Festival

“Light Documentaries is an installation in the intersection between light sculptures and video art. This work consists of a horizontal video projection split in two. One half shows a landscape video, and the other is filled with a slowly mutating colour gradient.

Light Documentaries creates a lingering, meditative atmosphere that invites the audience to stop and let themselves get carried away by the ambience for a while. The video sequence circles around a faraway landscape, while the shifting colours are reminiscent of moving clouds and organic formations in nature.

Most of the videos are shot using a MiniDV camera and a digital 4K camera during the artist’s journeys though Spain. The work has a runtime of 15 minutes, with no clear beginning or end.”

Copenhagen Light Festival

Special thanks

  Copenhagen Light Festival, Carlos Álvarez Clemente, Security webcams.

video Samples at request.