Las cosas


Artistic research/solo show
with landscape architect Saray Ossorio

Las cosas is an artistic research developed for the Lanzarote Island Council on the occasion of the Centenary  of artist Cesar Manrique. The project is conceived as a collection of objects and images that present a review of César Manrique ́s body of work from an openly contemporary point of view. The research looks into questions that are recognisable within César ́s work, such as the relationship with the volcanic landscape or with the vernacular architecture of Lanzarote. But it also looks into other social, material and spatial aspects which result less tangible.

Because of the COVID-19 crisis the project was shown in a digital version during November 2019  at
Now available at request.

The project will be exhibited in Lanzarote in 2021.

Photos by Carlos Álvarez and Saray Ossorio
see preview bellow